Meet D.J.

Dwight Allen Farris, D.J., is from Tennessee - Wilson County to be precise. Today he lives in the heart of Nashville in Oak Hill with his wife Kella, son Everett and daughter Caroline.

Civil War soldiers marched, fought and died where he makes his home, sits on the porch and chats with neighbors. He's well aware of the juxtaposition. D.J. is a lover of the past even as he looks expectantly to the future. Where he goes he takes with him an awareness of those who were here before him. 

What does that have to do with buying and selling real estate? Everything. His study of history has taught him the importance of place - home, family, county, state, and country. Where you live and do business - the spaces we occupy at home or at work - those things matter. They matter because of the people who have gone before and the people who come next. 

D.J. wants to take care of everyone. He wants to honor his father and mother and his ancestors and he wants to leave the places where we live in good shape for the ones to follow his footsteps. Most of all, he wants to take care of his clients today. D.J. doesn't see his clients as potential buyers or sellers. He sees real people who have physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. So he talks to you with no agenda except to get to know you. He listens to your needs and seeks to understand. He's interested in you , not in your property. And if finding the right property or helping you manage or sell the property you have is what's best for you, he'll see to it and make it happen.

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